Brief & survey

Every space is different and so is every client.

We commence each project by meeting with the client, spending time in the space and talking through their taste, ideas, hopes and aspirations for their garden. 

A survey will be conducted and drawn up and a brief is written up and agreed by the client.


Design & development

We commence the design process through research, sketches and drawings. 

The design is presented as a rough plan and 3D drawings are created to allow the client to view their space as closely as possible. We collaborate with the client to make the space the best it can be for them and their lifestyle.

Once designs are approved, masterplans, planting plans, lighting plans, detailed drawings and mood boards are all completed and the job is sent out to tender.


BuilD, Deliver & maintain

On appointing a landscaping company, work commences and the build soon takes shape. We make nursery visits to choose the perfect tree specimens and we plant and fine tune the garden.

We oversee the build and the planting process till we deliver a beautiful bespoke garden.

We can deliver a maintenance plan with the option of monthly emails to ensure the client can continue to enjoy a garden that always looks its best.

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